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Open PDF Document Title:  Philmore Full Catalog - Page 73.pdf
HOME THEATRE INTER -CONNECT LIGHT-LINK AUDIO CABLES Digital Audio Fiber optic with connectors These fiber optic cables are perfect for the transmission of newest standard of digital audio broadcasts. The high purity center core of these fiber optic cables will permit the entire spectrum of visible l
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109.4 KB

Open PDF Document Title:  Mode Catalog 2009 - Page 80
WIRE & CABLE STRIPPERS COAXIAL CABLE STRIPPER 84-183-1 This easy to use cable stripper is suitable for RG6 and RG59 coaxial cable. Two separate cutting knives can be individually adjusted for depth. For RG6 & 59 COAXIAL CABLE STRIPPER 84-184-1 Pkg. 3 blades rotary coaxial stripper for RG6, RG58 and
Click to view PDF Document      
415.9 KB

Open PDF Document Title:  Mode Catalog 2009 - Page 79
MILLER -WIRE & CABLE STRIPPERS Miller wire strippers are recognized as the best quality in the Industry. Don’t settle for anything less. 100 Bulk 100-P Display Package Adjustable wire stripper with stop screw. Strips wire sizes up to 10AWG. Soft plastic coated handles. (Length 130mm) 101-S Bulk 101-
Click to view PDF Document      
380.5 KB

Open PDF Document Title:  StarTech - Cable & Accessories
1-800-265-1844 www.startech.com 1-800-265-1844 14 www.startech.com 15 Cables Cables Selection Our broad selection of USB and FireWire products allow you to harness the abilities of cutting edge technology, giving you access to more functions and faster data transfers. Quality As with any StarTech.co
Click to view PDF Document      
868.7 KB

Open PDF Document Title:  cte-catalog-2008 page-43
CIRCUIT-TEST Most items are RoHS Compliant. 41 RoHS Check online for current status. COMPLIANT Ratchet Coaxial Hex crimp tool for use with Ethernet, A/V and CATV (RG59, RG6 Cable) Crimps F, BNC, TNC, N and other coaxial connectors. Crimp Size: Hex 8.1, 6.5, 5.41, 1.72mm (0.319, 0.256, 0.213, 0.068"
Click to view PDF Document      
221.3 KB

Open PDF Document Title:  Philmore AV Cables and Connectors
88 MEDIA STAR™ AUDIO & VIDEO MediaStar Plus ™audio and video cables and adaptors. Today’s marvelous electronic equipment can be enjoyed fully only if you make certain to have equally good cable and adaptor interconnections. The MediaStar Plus series of products is certain assurance that your equipme
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341.7 KB

Open PDF Document Title:  General Cable - Datacom
DATACOM Alarm & Security Solutions Guides Inside JULY 2007 Datacom This catalog contains in-depth information on the most comprehensive line of copper Datacom products available today for voice and data communications. In a rapidly changing industry with ever-growing demands, General Cable continues
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3.5 MB